Conversational Artificial Intelligence user interface will soon transform the way that businesses communicate with customers and users across the touch-points. However, the concern about AI chatbot, the disadvantages of depending on technology and the user's desire for personalization have created a conflict between technology's evolution and user’s needs. LIVA AI is developing a new technology that aims to humanize conversations of people to people and of people to bots. We name this technology as Humanity Conversational AI Chatbot (HCAC).


Humanity Conversational AI Chatbot Platform

LIVA AI pioneers in applying communication technology for enterprises using big data. Our team includes leading platform researchers and architects, psychologist, investors and entrepreneurs with deep insights into communication, business model and technology about conversational AI. We are building a Conversational AI Chatbot Platform to harness the power of AI to better serve people.

Leading in post-tech for enterprise

Purpose-built for business operations software application with machine learning & Liva NLU

Flexible platform architecture

Readily customizable and integrating to other established technologies to design conversation for specific need.

Human conversational experiences

Humanizing the conversational interface for the whole journey of relationship building for sustainable customer life time value


Humanity Conversational Computing

Conversational AI Interface will redesign human’s behaviors, which redesigns the Internet. The way people communicate and interact with each other, with business and with computer will be re-established in a more human manner. Humanity Conversational AI Interface will power up to serve human to make people more happy and successful in both their lives and work.


Human is everything

We design products that make people better at thier life and work. We are not provide technology solution but humanity conversational living experiences

Innovate for Humanity

We say no to ideas and inventions that show off technological progress or feed human greed.

Respect with Responsibility

We respect the differences and relentlessly trying to find better ways to carry out good things to the community.

Perform in Love

We do not let selfish ego turn off our empathetic and sharing actions

Fulfill Together

We always lead to fulfill all stakeholders - investors, company, employees, users, customers, partners and the community


Commercial natural language systems such as Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Assistant nowadays can only understand the command, not the conversations. The issue arises when a person can express a set of complex intents through many commands and dialogues during his or her communication process. Another problem stays in the conventional teaching methods that Microsoft and Facebook employs, which make the machine learning process risky and uncontrollable. LIVA is developing a proprietary technology that goes beyond command to understand the very conversations. It transcends the normal learning process to fit in businesses’ needs. Ours Conversational AI has been built with a new model that allows computers to understand the relationship with users, understand the business objectives and complete the task as a true communication ambassador.

Chatbots are just interface on the journey to build conversational system. Liva gives makers the tools to build “level 5” of chatbot.
Pass 10 years

Level 1:

Notification Assistants

Today (Most chatbot platform)

Level 2:

FAQ Assistants

Today (Some chatbot platform)

Level 3:

Contextual Assistants

Today (with Liva) Other platform: next 2 – 5 years

Level 4:

Personalized Buddy & Guru

Next 5 – 10 years

Level 5:

Autonomous Organization

Conversational Engine

Developer Tool

Inner Data

Liva NLP

Machine Learning

Strong Integration

Partner Success

We understand that the development of LIVA requires collaboration among investors, entrepreneurs, researchers, psychologists, computer engineers and commercial partners. We look forward to partnering with you to grow LIVA and Humanity Conversational AI Community stronger.

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