Through our ‘Live AI Core’ we virtually mirror the quintessence of human wisdom to serve human-beings’ legitimate needs. Not only that, we are building the embedded system to monitor and orientate the cognition and reaction development of AI systems to ensure no harm for mankind.


Embrace business and personal ethics with community spirit


Pursue radical, leapfrog solutions for grass-root problems


Strive for ultimate, personalized customer experiences


Think win-win, do win-win

Feature Project

Liva Bell

With artificial chatbot technology, Liva Bell will excite people lives by offering exciting, efficient and enlightened mindfulness app.

Mindful chat-game

Our mindful chat-game is made in “dialogue” form which is based on content and technique of the reflective mindfulness. You experience exciting mindfulness easily.

Inner adventure

Our contents drive you to enter and discover your inner world. Facing your inner hidden areas will ignite your emotions unexpectedly.

A-ha moment

Our stories and questions ignite your wisdom to discover and remove barriers that separate you from your mindful life. A-ha moments excite your life surprisingly.



User-friendly, 24/7-access across prevalent messaging platforms with extremely low-cost



Quy Nguyen

Co-founder & Chief Spirit Officer

Founder and Zen Master of ProSelf and ZenLeader, Author of EverestZen Program


Van Le

Co-founder & CEO

Serial Tech Entrepreneur.
Co-Founder of IMAS and Smartliving.
Pioneer of OTT & IoT fields in Vietnam

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Hung Nguyen

Co-founder & CTO

Serial Tech Entrepreneur.
Founder of OmniSolution and Unik Interactive. Lecturer at Hoa Sen University

Dung 1x1

Dung Dinh

Co-founder & Chief A.I.

10 Years of experiences in Project Management, A.I. & Deep Learning. Worked at Global CyberSoft and FPT Software


Dang Nguyen

Co-founder & CMO

Zen Coach at Proself, Founder of IMAS, Director of GIF, Advisor of Expara and QSF,  Active mentor for Startups


Lien Nguyen

Co-founder & Chief Evangelist

Co-founder of ProSelf, ZenLeader, Co-author of Wapo E.I. Training Program. Experienced in branding and self-development counselling


27b Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ward Dakao, Distric 1, Ho Chi Minh City
(+84) 98.514.5521

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